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Unit 7 Breach Road

West Thurrock


RM20 3NR


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Sex shops can look scary from the outside, but you’ll always find a friendly face once you get through the door. Today we meet  Anthony who owns and runs Essex store, Bissy-B.


How did you come to be working in a sex shop?


I followed in my father’s footsteps. He got involved with Thurrock’s first ever sex shop, Little Amsterdam, to help out a friend that had no clue what to do and he somehow then ended up going from being a painter and decorator to a ‘Sex Shop Owner’. He worked really hard to develop the shop and eventually it grew to the point where it had to move to larger premises and was renamed Bissy-B. And I’ve  been working there for the past 8 years, at first alongside my father, but then taking the reins when he passed away nearly three years ago. Since then, I’ve been putting my own little touches to the shop and I hope to keep doing that in the future.


What are the most popular products at the moment?


We sell everything at Bissy-B, including R18 DVDs, room aromas, novelty items, lingerie, fetish gear, dildos and vibes, but lately we seem to be selling a lot of anal products. A lot of men and women are obviously getting into anal experimentation at the moment, so lube and strap-on toys are going well. We’ve also had a rush on Fleshlight masturbators and penis pumps in recent weeks, and we do some great deals and offers on DVDs that always keep the R18 fans happy.


What are the benefits of shopping in-store for a customer?


In my opinion, talking face to face is always better than talking online. You get a sense of satisfaction when talking face to face to a person, and we can get to know our customers and their interests and can give them personal recommendations. They also get to see and touch the items for real. With something like a vibe or dildo, for instance, it’s great to see exactly how big it is and to know whether you like the feel of what it’s made of.


What's the best thing about working in a sex shop?


I’m a people person and I like the social side of meeting new people and also getting to know returning customers. I also think working in a sex shops encourages you to be open-minded, as you get to talk to different people with all different kinks and interests, and it’s just always good to talk.


And what would you say to draw in the nervous man or woman that can't quite find the courage to walk through the door?


First of all, they need to know that a sex shop is no different to any other kind of shop once you walk through the door. It’s just a place for you to come in, browse at some products and buy something if you find something you like. And yes, what we’re selling is a bit more intimate than in a normal shop, but we never judge anyone and know that everybody is different with different minds, view and interests. And I like to think I’ve become quite good at reading a person and that my main aim when someone new comes in is always to be friendly and approachable and to ask them what they’re looking for or wanting to achieve. Or to leave them to browse quietly, if that’s what they want. Basically, whatever works for them...