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Pathetic male slave made to suck huge dildo while being nailed in the arse with domme’s enormous strap-on cock


Naked male slave experiences cock and ball torture at the hands of ‘The Sex Mistress’ - Carly of Kent


Cross-dressing sissy gets turned into a transvestite sex doll by super strict dominatrix


Mature British transvestite bends over in lingerie to get fucked by domme with a strap-on cock


PVC-clad Kinky Nurse Fucks Naked Male Slave With Strapon Cock


Strict dominatrix dons latex gloves to milk sticky spunk from cross-dressing maid


JAN 2nd 2016


Strict dominatrix dons latex gloves to milk sticky spunk from cross-dressing maid



























Wanked by Mistress


Being a dominatrix isn’t all about abusing and hurting slaves. No, sometimes a domme will take pity on a sub, especially if she suspects the little loser is incapable of getting a sexual partner. In fact, a naturally intuitive domme can practically sense the overload of spunk in the loser’s balls, so at times she might be willing to milk her slave, like Lady Victoria Valente does in this incredibly sensuous fem-dom movie.























UK Maid Training


Let’s be honest, this pathetic sissy transvestite maid probably hasn’t got laid in his entire life. His wig is cheap, his make up is a mess and he has ladders in his hold up stockings. He’s hardly a catch, so his scrotum must be absolutely flooded with jism - and he’s very VERY lucky to have a Mistress who is willing to give him a helping hand. Naturally, she dons a pair of latex gloves first - after all, who would want to touch the cock of such a loser? And then the pathetic, little sissy just lies back gratefully as his Mistress deigns to let him come.


It’s quite funny to watch, in a way! This slave will probably have been denied orgasm by his Mistress for a few weeks before the video is shot, so he won’t even have been able to put his undoubtedly over-used wanking hand into action. I can picture him sitting in his house in his maid’s outfit jerking off to female domination movies with his grubby hands night after night. But I’m sure Lady Victoria will have put a stop to that, in order to ensure a suitably sticky climax to this video. And there’s no doubt that her latex gloved hand generates one hell of a creamy flow in this film. Trust me, I’ve seen how just much this tranny maid gushes - check out Femme Fatale Films to see it, too.


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JAN 7th 2016


Naked male slave experiences cock and ball torture at the hands of ‘The Sex Mistress’ - Carly of Kent































Cock & Ball Torture


A dominatrix should never be afraid to hit a man directly where it hurts, which is why I love this cock and ball torture movie starring Great Britain’s Sex Mistress - Mistress Carly of Kent. She has already asserted her supreme authority over her male submissive by stripping him naked and strapping him into her bondage wheel. But much worse is to come, as Mistress Carly directly proceeds to attack his manhood! Yes, she proves her control by tormenting and torturing the unfortunate male sub’s naked cock and balls.


































UK Female Domination


As a domme lady myself, I found myself giggling with amusement as I watched Mistress Carly’s pathetic slave experiencing such discomfort. She uses bulldog clips and genital clamps on every single inch of his limp cock and scrotum. She doesn’t care if his eyes are watering. She doesn’t care if he’s snivelling and howling with pain. She is proving her authority in no uncertain terms, with a direct attack on his male genitals - and proving that it’s woman who really rule the roost.


It’s so wonderful to see a submissive man being cut down to size in so humiliating a way. Not all dominatrixes are capable of such boldness and harshness, but Mistress Carly of Kent doesn’t pull any punches! She completely and utterly overwhelms her naked slave with the power of this lesson in cock and ball torture, so click through now for more free pictures of this wince-inducing CBT session, or sign up and join Mistress Carly’s UK fem-dom website for lots of extreme films and videos showing this stunning dominatrix taking full control.



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May 6th 2016


Pathetic male slave made to suck huge dildo while being nailed in the arse with domme’s enormous strap-on cock
































Strap-on Dildo Training


How amusing to see this fully grown man getting turned into a cocksucking princess by British dominatrix Strapon Jane. Members of her phenomenal female domination website will be used to seeing her bending over subs and sissies to fuck them up the arse with her huge collection of dildos and vibrators, but there is an extra degree of humiliation in this latest strap-on dildo film. Why? Because the disgusting, little sub is forced to swallow a huge dildo in his mouth while he gets fucked up the arse! So, effectively sissy is being spit-roasted!































Domme Fucking Sub


And being a useless male, this sissy actually loves what’s happening to him! God knows what his wife, kids, work colleagues and friends would think if they knew how hungry he was for cock, but even though it makes him a potential laughing stock, he simply cannot help himself. He is a typical submissive male, completely in awe of the dominant female with her giant black cock! It seems that men turn into gay pussies when they see such a sight! Suddenly, all they can think about is having a cock in every orifice.


In fact, this man comes across as so cock-hungry in this strap-on dildo film that I wouldn’t be surprised if he has had many gay lovers since. He’s clearly not a real man; and he clearly has a passion for cock, so it’s hard to believe he could ever have a proper relationship with a woman! He seems far more suited to sessions with a dominatrix or maybe just hanging round toilets cruising for cock! And it’s amazing how many men there are out there just like him - all of them desperate to spread their arseholes for cock!




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