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Private Shop

20-22 Scotswood Road

Newcastle upon Tyne



Open Mon to Sat 10am-8pm & Sun 10am-4pm



Sex shops can look scary from the outside, but you’ll always find a friendly face once you get through the door. Today we met Kyle from the Newcastle branch of Private Shops UK.


How did you come to be working in a sex shop?


So, about a year and a half ago I was working in a regular 9-5 job at the big lottery fund assessing applications in order to decide if they were suitable to receive a grant, and after around 7 years of doing this, I decided I wanted a new career because office work wasn’t really doing it for me. I then took voluntary redundancy and the day I left work I walked past the Newcastle branch of Private Shops UK and there was a sign in the window saying: ‘Shop Manager position -  apply within.’ And so I thought that’s pretty different and I walked in and put my name down. I was then called in for an interview for the position, and when the area manager explained everything that goes with running a branch, I knew it was the job for me.


What are the most popular products you sell?


At all branches of Private Shop, we do special offers on multi-buy purchases of R18 DVDs and so the most popular things we sell are DVDs, but on the toy front butt plugs seem to be very popular at the moment, especially the brand Black Velvets. We have a huge array of stock, though, and things like room aromas, bullet vibes, contact mags and sex enhancement pills are always very popular with our customers, too.


What are the benefits of shopping in-store for a customer?


The benefits of shopping in store are without doubt the service you get. For example if a customer has a question about a certain product or is just in need of some advice on what to buy, we pride ourselves on giving them the best advice possible, as some people aren’t as knowledgeable about many of the products that we sell as we are - and so it’s nice to explain and suggest scenarios in which they could be used. And of course, another benefit of shopping in store is being able to actually see the physical product and to properly judge the size, feel and overall quality of something like a vibrator, dildo or strap-on toy. Oh, and we also have special events every now and then, like porn star DVD signing sessions, so it’s worth following our Twitter feed @privateshopncl to see what’s happening on that front. We also list a lot of the new DVD releases on Twitter, so that’s a good way of keeping up with what’s coming out in all categories - MILF, lesbian, transsexual, gay, anal, gang-nag, etc.


And what would you say to draw in the nervous man or woman that can't quite find the courage to walk through the door?


I would like any potential nervous customers to know that they are walking into a shop just like any other. We aren’t here to judge anyone and I couldn’t imagine anyone who wasn’t broad-minded and open to talking about and understanding all kinds of kinks and fetishes ever wanting to work in a shop like this. Also, sex and self pleasure is a natural part of life and we are here to celebrate it and provide products that will enhance it and make it even better. I get many customers who tell me how nervous they were about coming in but once they get through the door they realise they are in a nice and pleasant atmosphere. It’s really nothing to be frightened of at all, so please come in and say hi...