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Even the horniest of gentlemen might one day find himself in the awkward position of not being able to rise to the occasion in the bedroom. Impotence and erectile dysfunction can strike any man at any age; and even for those with no major issues in that area, a sexual enhancement pill can add a much-needed boost of confidence to help relax the nerves before a hot and sweaty bout of sex.


The range of herbal sex supplements and impotence cures can be bewildering, with most licensed UK sex shops offering several brands, like Spanish Fly, Golden Root and Dragon Strong. Most of them work by increasing blood flow in much the same way as Viagra does, and we asked one of our favourite limp-dicked losers, Sissy Mike, to try out a few of the best-known brands, because if they can make his famously flaccid dick hard, then they’ll surely work on anyone!

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Available in packs of 1, 5, 10 and 20, Max Strength Golden Root is a herbal sexual performance enhancer created to give a stronger, harder erection to men who are struggling to either a) get it up in the first place, or b) achieve the kind of hardness and stiffness they had when they were younger.


These are fast-acting capsules – in my case, they take around 40 minutes to work – and can be relied upon to deliver  a rock-solid erection that will stay hard for a decent length of time. Some users suggest that these pills are strong enough to give them repeated erections for a couple of days. In my case, I need to a second pill to achieve a second erection, but then I am VERY limp-dicked by nature.


Golden Root Max Strength can be purchased online at esmale.



Containing Ginseng, Zinc and Guarana, Blue Zeus sexual performance pills deliver fast and hard erections that, in my case, always end up producing a very sticky load. Though not quite as fast acting as Golden Root – for me, at least – I have found them to deliver a reliable erection that feels as big as my dick can ever get.


Blue Zeus are easy to swallow and take about an hour to work, although some people seem to get their erections within thirty minutes. I’ve never had a disappointing wank or sex when using them; and really enjoy the confidence they give me. If I really need an erection, then I know they will deliver the goods.


Blue Zeus For Him can be purchased online at esmale.



Very popular in the gay community, Hard Man Maximum Strength work by opening up the blood vessels in the penis to allow more blood flow and, in turn, achieve a bigger and harder erection. These are strong tablets that work fast and produce great results, but it’s important not to exceed the stated dose and to seek your doctor’s advice before using them if you’re on any medication.


I use Hard Man Maximum Strength sparingly. They really do put the steel in my erection and allow me to wank for hours and have full sex. They also give me a second and sometimes third erection without the need to take a second pill – and seem to have an effect that lingers well into the next day. That’s why I’d save them for times when you want to feel seriously horny!


Hard Man Maximum Strength can be purchased online at esmale.

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I like to vary my sex performance pills, so my body never gets overly used or immune to any one brand – and Dragon Tonic is always a really good, reliable option. Just take one with water about 4o minutes before you wish to be in the mood, then expect a nice bulge to appear in your boxer shorts (or knickers if you’re a cross-dresser like me).


These are herbal-based sex supplements, but they pack quite a punch and I’ve always found one is plenty enough to get me hard – and I usually achieve a second erection, too. And not only that, but I often wake up with a hard-on the next day, too, so they’re ideal for those times when you have a partner sleeping over!


Dragon Strong Male Tonic Enhancer can be bought online at esmale.



They stick a picture of a cock on these packets for a reason! And that’s because Stiff Sexual Enhancement For Men are easy to swallow capsules that contain herbal ingredients that act like an aphrodisiac and really get the blood pumping through your cock. I’ve used them several times and normally get hard within about 40 minutes, but what really impresses me most with these is the solidity of my hard-ons. It’s like I’ve been properly bulged out to max length and girth; and my dick is standing really tall and proud.


These are clearly quite strong and I nearly always get a second erection late in the night – and maybe even a minor swelling the next day. Just take with a glass of water, then sit back and wait for the magic to start!


Stiff Sexual Enhancement For Men can be bought online at esmale.

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Hi, I’m Mike, a cross-dressing sissy with a very limp dick that rarely gets hard. Now most men would be too embarrassed and ashamed to admit that they can’t get an erection when in bed with a woman, but I am long since past feeling any sense of shame about my woeful sexual inadequacies. I have suffered from every sexual problem in the book – small dick, premature ejaculation, inability to stiffen and a general lack of sex drive – but I now lead a hugely fulfilling and satisfying sex life. In a large part, that’s down to the discovery of hard-on pills, poppers and delay sprays, which have helped me to get hard and stay hard long enough to enjoy lots of happy wanking and sex.




That wasn’t always the case, though. I spent 20 years in a happy but sexless marriage before my wife decided to leave me for a better hung man with a much bigger appetite for sex! Now some men might have been broken by that, but I just saw it as giving me the freedom to explore every single sexual avenue I could find. And that’s included knicker-sniffing, cross-dressing, bi sex with strangers, anal exploration, massage parlour visits and escort meets. But always with the help of a hard-on pill to make my limp dick rise to the occasion – and then a sniff of poppers to add to the excitement – and a spurt of delay spray to lengthen the thrill!


And yes, that is me in these pictures! Since getting my sex drive back, I have also developed a passion for wearing lingerie and stockings and I just love to make men horny by flashing my knicker-clad arse for the camera, more pics of which are now on show at my Shameless Pervert Sex Blog.

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