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Cross-dressing sissy gets turned into a transvestite sex doll by super strict dominatrix


Mature British transvestite bends over in lingerie to get fucked by domme with a strap-on cock


PVC-clad Kinky Nurse Fucks Naked Male Slave With Strapon Cock


DEC 20th 2016


Grown men get turned into sissy pink maids and forced to take dildos deep up their arses



















Humiliated Sissy Maids


Sometimes it seems cruel to laugh at a fully feminised sissy maid. It must be so humiliating for these masculine failures - these useless men who get turned into girls! They just aren’t cut out to be proper men and have no chance of ever satisfying their wives or girlfriends in the real world. So instead they choose to visit a dominatrix and get forcibly transformed into pretty pink sissy sluts!



















Forced Feminisation


You can find these worthless creatures all over the Internet, but my favourite forced femme and sissification movies are the ones made by the English Mansion. The dommes on this fabulous fem-dom website have a special way of dominating and humiliating their tranny subs. They use some fascinating methods of restraint to hold their TV sissies in place, before uses dildos and sex toys on the sissy sub’s orifices. God, it’s so humiliating, as you’ll see from the pictures on this page. We’re talking about a fully grown man having his frilly pink knickers pulled down, then taking a dildo deep up his arse!


I’ve practised forced femme on a number of my slaves and often take inspiration from the dommes at the English Mansion. It’s always a pleasure to find new ways of making men know that it’s woman who rule the planet; and the English Mansion Mistresses are the experts at that. Theirs is a world of strong, powerful, immaculately dressed women who any men would love to worship. They aren’t women to be messed with, as these tranny subs will tell you. They really know how to put a man in his place!



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DEC 21st 2015


Pathetic male slave is forced to strap-on dildo mask in order to satisfy sex-hungry dominatrix

























UK Female Domination


Not all dommes like to be touched by their slaves, let alone to use them as sex toys, but Mistress Carly of Kent is a very special dominatrix. She has a huge sexual appetite and treats all her male slaves as her sexual playthings - and if a slave fails to bring her enough sexual satisfaction, then he is likely to find himself receiving a damn, good thrashing, like the useless sub in this intensely erotic fem-dom movie on Mistress Carly’s official site.





















Strict British Women


But what is even more humiliating for the useless man in this video is that he is then forced to strap-on a dildo mask and then use it to fuck his Mistress’s cunt. It’s her way of saying to him that his prick just isn’t up to the job. She needs something bigger and harder than he can provide, She needs the kind of fast, deep thrusts that he’s incapable of, so he has to resort to the dildo, instead.


Even so, he is a very lucky slave because this video ends with him being allowed to lick the cum from Mistress Carly’s snatch. The thrusts of the dildo have made her climax and sucking up the cuntjuice is the slave’s barely deserved reward. Personally, I’ve have given the little wanker another few thwacks from the riding crop, instead! But Carly isn’t known as ‘The Sex Mistress’ for nothing, so she brings this female domination session to a delightfully sexual finish, as always!


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DEC 24th 2015


Live telephone female domination for submissive sissies and slaves who like dominant women
























British Telephone Domination


I can’t always be bothered to deal with my slaves, so I often command them to phone live female domination phone lines for a verbal reprimand from a strict British dominatrix. It does a slave good to be put in his place by a dominant female with a superior sounding voice, as well as being a good way to discuss role-play ideas for future sessions. Chatting about trampling, bondage, CBT and such like is a lot less painful than experiencing it for real, so a phone conversation - which can feel surprisingly authentic - offers a way for a slave to discover if he then wants to go through with the physical side of his kink.


UK Domme Phone Lines


I always direct my slaves to the fem-dom phone lines at 0909 022 0522. They are available day and night and give subs and sissies the chance to talk to strict UK dommes who are happy to discuss all aspects of domination, humiliation, bondage, spanking, sissification, degradation, foot worship, strap-on play and so on. But be warned - these are ‘no nonsense’ dominatrixes who can be very strict and controlling on the phone. They don’t suffer fools gladly and are capable of giving you a tongue-lashing that you are not likely to forget in a hurry.


For live female telephone domination, call 0909 022 0522. Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus access charge. 18+. Requires bill payer’s permission. Calls recorded. We may send free promo SMS. Send ‘STOPALL’ to 89077 to opt out of marketing. Datapro Services Ltd. Careline 0203 455 2145


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DEC 28th 2015


Pathetic male slave forced into black bra, knickers and stockings for trampling and humiliation session

























Cross-dressing Slaves


I think my favourite thing about being a dominatrix is that you can make a male slave do anything, however humiliating. Just look at this pathetic sub in this new movie from Femme Fatale Films, for instance! He is more than happy for Mistress Johanna to dress him up in a black bra, girlie knickers and a pair of hold-up fishnet stockings. He doesn’t seem to care how much of a useless silly sissy looks - and he doesn’t even care when his dominant Mistress starts to attack his cock and balls with her heels.




























Trampling & Boot Worship


Submissive men seem to have no shame, as this female domination film so clearly proves. It doesn’t matter how shameful a task Mistress Johanna sets her feminised slave, as he meekly agrees to her every suggestion, as if oblivious to how pathetic he comes across onscreen. He even just lies back and take it as Mistress Johanna tramples his cock with the soles of her thigh-boots. He takes the pain rather than putting up a fight, as if wearing a bra and knickers has completely emasculated him and taken away his ability to stand up for himself.


It makes you wonder why more women don’t force their partners into frilly knickers and stockings. I think women would always have the upper hand if men were forced to wear lingerie; and that’s one reason why I have so much admiration for the dommes at Femme Fatale Films. They are always in control of their male slaves and sissies - and are more than happy to dress them up or strip them nude if it helps to keep them in their place. And that’s what makes this sissification and trampling movie so much fun to watch - you have a hugely superior woman walking all over a pathetic cross-dressed and downtrodden man. Proof, if proof were needed, that it’s us ladies who are the superior sex.


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DEC 30th 2015


Sissy male slave gets a mouthful and arseful of dominant woman’s huge pink strap-on



























Sissy Strap-on Training


All you pathetic male slaves will wank yourselves stupid if you watch this strapon training film from The English Mansion. I’m sure you’ll all instantly fall in love and be willing to worship this stunningly sexy dominatrix in her low-cut leather corset, fishnets and boots. And I’m sure you’re all sissy enough to be happy to strip naked and suck on her huge pink strap-on cock. And you’d better be willing! Because this domme isn’t taking no for an answer.























Women Fucking Men


This strap-on training movie is a great example of how women are now the superior sex. You have a totally naked man serving a beautifully dressed woman, and while his dick hangs limp between his thighs, HER dick stands tall and ready to fuck. And so that’s what happens next - the busty dominatrix mounts her sissy male slave from the rear, then she drives the full-length of her strap-on dildo deep between his anal walls.


It’s a total humiliation for the man, of course, because he’s meant to the the one who fucks. But instead he’s the one with a cock in his orifice and it’s his Mistress who is in the dominant position. So, how can he ever look himself in the mirror again? Or in the face of his wife or girlfriend if he has one? He has been well-and-truly emasculated by an utterly superior woman - and she’s just one of the many inherently dominant females you can watch belittling and controlling men at fem-dom website The English Mansion.



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