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Our team reviews the latest sexual enhancement products available now in most UK sex shops...

It can be daunting entering a licensed sex shop and seeing the vast array of vibes, dildos, plugs and rampant rabbits on offer. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes these days - from dinky ones for virgins to giant fist-shaped ones for those who love it deep - and it can be something of a minefield trying to pick out a product that will be both fun and pleasurable for you and/or your partner to use.


And of course there is no right and wrong - and everyone’s bodies will respond in different ways - so you’ll probably need some trial and error to discover what sex toys work best for you. But to give you a few pointers, we’ve asked a team of independent reviewers to have a play around with a few new toys and tell us how they felt.

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Giant dildo for extreme anal penetration

If I am ever lucky enough to hook up with a guy who has a thing like this in boxer shorts, then I know I am in for one hell of a ride. Because as soon as I tugged it out of its box, I was just blown away by its huge length and girth, but what I loved best of all was how real it looked and also the feel of the dildo in my hand. Now I should point out here that I love self-pleasuring with anal toys and have used dildos of all lengths and sizes since I first started practicing about 6 months ago. And this one packs the kind of length and girth that might be a little too much for virgin first-timers. But for proper anal sluts like me, it is hard to imagine a better toy.


As a T-girl, I got all dolled up in lingerie and stockings to play with my Mr Big 10-Inch Dildo. I wanted to pretend I was in a booth at a seedy sex club being shafted by a stranger through a glory hole, so I used the suction cock to fix it my bathroom wall and then lubed up the helmet with plenty of lube. And then I backed myself onto that long piece of meat and felt it press against my ring, which was more than enough to cause an initial tingle of pleasure in my own small cock. And then I pushed back hard and gradually took that full 10-inch length in my anal tract, in love with how it stretched out my anal muscles and caused a throbbing sensation in my prostate gland.


And the toy sure delivered on what I wanted after that, which was enough suction to stay on the tiled bathroom wall throughout the anal fuck that followed. And I was swinging my hips back and forward at speed and utilising every inch, so it could very easily have come off the wall - but this toy really gets top marks for that. And I’d also give top marks for its texture, which had a really lovely feel to it, especially the juicy helmet that was also rather nice to suck. And best of all, it helped deliver a really sticky climax. In fact, I jerked myself into a right old mess, thanks to Mr Big and his 10-inch length.


FINAL THOUGHTS - A great toy for those who like a real-looking, cock-shaped sex toy that packs both genuine length and genuine girth. The suction cup works incredibly well; and while I’ve only used it on my own, I can’t stop thinking about how utterly amazing it would feel to have someone else probing my bumhole with this! A dominant lady, perhaps, who likes to sissify men...


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Mike’s 3 Top Tips For Anal Play


1 - Always have a damn good clear-out beforehand. No one wants to shit themselves halfway through the act of anal penetration... (although if that’s your thing, I promise not to judge)... so if you’re all bunged up with 6 days’ worth of food, now might not be the time to go poking around up there. For a proper clean-out, try an anal douche, which is basically an enema tool that squirts liquid up your rectum and stimulates movement. And be sure to fill it with a fragrant liquid that will leave you with a beautifully scented ring.


2 - Size does matter, especially for all you anal virgins out there! And while we’re all sure to be tempted by the thought of feeling 10-inches or more ramming deep inside, it does no harm to start off with just a tiny butt plug or a 4-inch dildo with minimal girth, before gradually working your way up in length! Sure, the arsehole is very stretchy, but take it slow, guys. What’s the rush?


3 - Lube like crazy! The important thing with anal sex is not to risk doing any internal damage, which means not only choosing the right sized weapon, but also making it suitably oily. I’d recommend doing the double whammy and lubing both your anal hole and the dildo you plan to shove up there, and if things feel too tight at any point, then don’t be afraid to add more lube. It won’t lessen the sensations, but will certainly add to your comfort and pleasure.


REVIEWER: Sissy Mike is a cross-dresser from Ipswich with a passion for anal exploration.

Sissy cross-dresser reviews large dildo

Spunk Lube - Triple Pack

Designed for the gay market and a real talking point on a bathroom shelf, Spunk Lube is perfect for those who love to take large size dildos.


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Pjur Anal Comfort Spray

If you have an oversensitive anus, then a quick spurt of Pjur Analyse Me comfort spray is a quick and easy way to soothe your cock-filled rectum.


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Colt Anal Douche

A great anal douche that can be used to give an enema before anal sex, but with a ribbed red nozzle that can give just as much pleasure as many a dildo.


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